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Methodologies For Vibration Testing Packaged-Products (David Shires- 2014)
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Practical Application of ISTA Lane Data to Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Strategies
(James L. Cox, PhD - 2012)
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Effects of High Altitude on Packaging Integrity (Dr. Paul Singh - 2002)
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Random Vibration Worksheet (Dennis Young 2007) Excel file
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Temperature study review (Dennis Young - 2002)
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Pallets 101: Industry Overview and Wood, Plastic, Paper & Metal Options (John Clarke - 2004)
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Reducing Damage in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods Supply Chain (Greg Wood - 2004)
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Update on Dynamic Compression Measurement and Testing (Dr. Jorges Marcondes and Greg Batt - 2003)
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Case Study: New Package Qualification? Use "Just Right" ISTA Testing! (Alan Crawford - 2003)
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Heavy Packages in the Small Parcel System (Dr. Paul Singh -2001)
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Vibration Time vs. Distance (William I. Kipp - updated December 2008)
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Altitude Testing (Chad Thompson - 1999)
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Distribution Environment Temperature and Humidity Studies
This information is provided as a convenience to ISTA members and the packaging community. It is furnished "as-is", and ISTA expressly disclaims any representation or warranty, express or implied, concerning the accuracy, completeness or fitness for a particular purpose of the information.

If you have distribution environment temperature and/or humidity data that you are willing to share, please contact A.J. Gruber at ISTA.

Study Data Available. Click on the links below to open or save the documents.

Climates of the World Click here
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Monthly and annual temperatures and precipitation, including extreme temperatures, are presented in tabular form for approximately 800 stations throughout the world.

Extremes of Ocean Container Temperatures and Humidities Click here
From Dimensions.06 presentation entitled "Temperature and Humidity in Ocean Containers" by David Leinberger of Xerox Corporation. Click Here for the complete paper.

Temperature and Air Change Rates in Freight Containers Click here
From 2008 Transport Packaging Forum presentation entitled "Temperature and Air Change Rates in Freight Containers During Transport Between Europe and Destinations in Asia and Australia" by Dr. Thomas Goedecke of Federal Institute for Materials Research & Testing, Germany.Click Here for the complete paper.

Western Europe Temperatures and Humidities Click here
From Dimensions.06 presentation entitled "European Express Shipping Drop/Impact Study" by Paul Russell of Hewlett-Packard (now with Applied Biosystems). Click Here for the complete paper.

ISTA Temperature Report Click here
Extreme temperatures and humidity in the U.S. Southwest, measured in late summer 2001 by Dennis Young.

Global Thermal Profile Development Click here
Dimensions.07 presentation by Ray Cowland of Amgen, Inc. Data and methodology of 72- and 144-hour profile development for qualifying insulated shippers.

Contact A.J. Gruber at ISTA for information, or to contribute data to this clearinghouse.