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CPLP Re-Certification Requirements and Procedure

CPLP re-certification is required every three years, on each person’s 3-year anniversary of original certification or last re-certification. This preserves the integrity and status of the program by ensuring that a CPLP remains active in the field and is still qualified to hold the Certificate. 
CPLP recipients are individually notified by ISTA prior to their re-certification dates, and then the process must be completed within 90 days. If you do not re-certify, your present CPLP certification will be cancelled. The re-certification fee is US$150.  Advancement in CPLP level (from Technician to Technologist, or from Technologist to Professional) re-starts the certification period.

Note: CPLP Professional-Level recipients do not need to re-certify – the “Professional” achievement is a lifetime certification.

How to choose the re-certification method (résumé or exam) that is right for you:

Detailed Instructions and Further Information
After you have registered for re-certification, you will receive a confirming e-mail with login instructions and further information. If you have questions, e-mail

Printed versions of the résumé form, study materials, and exam are available at extra charge if you are unable to access them on-line. Contact Lisa Bonsignore at ISTA headquarters, phone 517-333-3437, or by email, for copies.

      NOTE:  All CPLP materials and exams are in English.  English proficiency is therefore required for
                                                  successful participation in the CPLP program.