ISTA  - Representing manufacturers, packaging suppliers, testing laboratories an carriers working together to ensure responsible transport packaging.
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The ISTA® Transit Tested Program, when properly applied, will provide:
• tangible benefits of reduced damage
• economically balanced costs
• improved customer satisfaction.

The Transit Tested Program is a combination of packaged-product, laboratory and professional certification. Results of the program are reduced damage, without over-packaging, and the prospect of a profitable balance of distribution costs.

ISTA certification provides recognition of conformance to a standard or specification and clearly confirms to all parties involved that requirements have been met.

As part of the program, ISTA certifies packaged-products, testing laboratories and packaging professionals.

Packaged-Product Certification - Transport packaging successfully tested in an ISTA Certified Laboratory according to a current ISTA® Procedure or Project may be certified as Transit Tested for Shipper members. The test lab completes a report form and submits it to ISTA Headquarters for review and approval. Product manufacturers who are Shipper members of ISTA may imprint the Transit Tested Certification Mark on the approved package. Click here for more information.

Testing Laboratory Certification – a strong commitment to transport packaging professionalism, as well as assuring a laboratory is properly equipped to conduct ISTA package performance testing. Click here for more information.

Certified Packaging Laboratory Professional - A unique program that encourages and recognizes development and excellence in packaging laboratory professionals. Click here for more information.