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Major Research Effort to Reduce Product and Packaging Waste

ISTA’s Advocate Research and Value Delivery Program includes conducting research and collecting data that improves testing and design methodologies for the evolving domestic and global supply chains. The results will minimize the risk of product damage while lowering cost and the package’s environmental footprint. Click here to learn more about this important program and the companies and organizations supporting these efforts.

Open Request for Proposal (RFP):

The following research project is open for bids. Please contact A.J. Gruber ( with any questions.

RFP-0003 Measurement and Multi-Axis Simulation of Unit Load Stability Transportation Hazards- Phase 1: This project aims to collect statistically significant data on the motion and forces in real-time history format in various orientations to which unit loads are subjected during transport, and translate this data into tools and test methods that allow users to design and optimize their unit load packaging.

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Previously Distributed Request for Proposals (RFPs):

RFP-0001 Eliminate Over-packaging (CLOSED):
The Eliminate Over-Packaging project seeks to develop and validate a new technique that quantifies how far beyond a chosen performance and confidence level a package is able to protect the product it contains.

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RFP-0002 Research Transit Damage Scenarios (CLOSED):
This Research Transit Damage Scenarios project entails researching product damage as a result of hazards experienced during distribution in order to quantify their monetary impact and to understand typical damage levels for various commodities shipped via various modes. This project is very large in scale, and as such, will involve multiple phases. The specific work sought for this RFP is directly related to the following:

Research potential cargo claims data sources that could be analyzed to (at some future time) publish a white paper addressing the impact of cargo claims on a specific region and/or mode and/or commodity/industry.

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RFP-0004 Develop Test Protocol for eCommerce Retailer Shipping Systems (CLOSED):
Phase 1: Mapping Packaged-Product Handling Within eCommerce Retailer Shipping Systems:
Study of the various eCommerce supply chain environments, including consolidators, to understand the hazard levels and handling methods. This data will translate into testing that optimizes packaging in the rapidly expanding eCommerce channel.

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RFP-0005 Distribution Environment Data Collection (CLOSED):
The Distribution Environment Data Collection project aims to enhance ISTA’s value proposition by ensuring we continue to offer the industry’s most current testing procedures. This data will be leveraged by packaging professionals to design optimized packaging solutions for both domestic and global distribution. The ARVD has determined this to be a four (4) phase research program. The specific work sought for this RFP is directly related to the following phase:

Documentation of the transport modes, storage, and handling methods involved in the distribution of CPGs, including “last segments”, in predetermined regions around the world.

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